The success stone


It was formerly called the star stone until it was christened the sunstone in honour of its resemblance to our sun star. It was discovered in Norway and was always used by the Vikings as a talisman to help them achieve their goals. They have been found aboard shipwrecks, so it is thought that long before the invention of the compass, the Norse used it to find their way at sea.

Reddish, yellow or orange tones with small golden dots that reflect the light harmoniously, like a shower of gold. This spectacular optical effect is called aventurescence and is due to inclusions of haematite and goethite.

These inclusions give the sunstone that shiny, metallic, frost-like appearance that is unique in nature.


Its main deposits are in Norway, the USA and Canada.

Considered one of the gems of success, the sunstone is linked to wealth and fortune on a more material level. Since ancient times it has been used as an amulet to achieve objectives, providing greater security and strength in oneself, to achieve those goals you set for yourself.

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