The lovers’ stone


This stone takes its name from the ancient Greek "rhodokhros" which means rose-coloured. According to Inca legend, a priestess and a warrior fell in love despite their relationship being forbidden. The emperor ordered their capture and they decided to flee, living their love in secret. After a while, they were found, killed and buried on the top of a mountain. Some years later, a shepherd discovered stones in the same area that had metamorphosed into a multitude of blood-red rose petals. The shepherd took these petals to the emperor and the emperor, regretting his command, repented and gave his pardon to the two lovers so they could rest in peace.

Its most common colour varies from pink to light red, although there are also grey specimens. This gemstone is surrounded by several whitish zig zag bands in pink and raspberry red.


Its main deposits are in Argentina, South Africa and the USA.

Rhodochrosite represents selfless love and forgiveness. Its strength can help heal wounds that have arisen out of love. The stone has always been associated with emotional healing. It symbolises loyalty and forgiveness towards pure and true love.  Su fuerza puede ayudar a sanar heridas que hayan surgido por amor. Esta piedra siempre ha estado asociada a la curación emocional. Simboliza la lealtad y el perdón hacia el amor puro y verdadero.

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