Rutilated quartz
La piedra de la autoestima


From the ancient Greek "krustallos" meaning ice. This term was used because quartz was associated with the ice created by the gods. According to legend, the goddess Venus was swimming in a lonely mountain lake when she got caught on a rock and lost one of her golden locks. Months later she returned to the same lake and found her hair frozen in the waters of the lake. Venus turned the ice into quartz, trapping this beauty for eternity.

It is a hyaline or colourless quartz with numerous golden needle-like inclusions.

The quartz is encrusted with rutile during crystallisation which forms beautiful golden needles at the heart of the crystals, also known as Venus hairs.

Each rutilated quartz stone is unique and very special as the hairs can be of different thicknesses, appear in different positions, form crosses or stars and can even vary in shade.


Its main deposits are in Madagascar and Brazil.

Quartz is the mineral of confidence; it has multiple virtues for the reinforcement of self-esteem. It can help break down the barriers posed by a lack of self-confidence and thus benefit personal growth based on security.

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