The woman's stone


Named for its bright colour and blue flashes that resemble the moon. In Hindu culture, it is said that the moonstone is composed of small traces of the moon itself. The floating, moving glow it possesses unites you in spirit with the Hindu Goddess Kali, on whose forehead rests one of these spectacular stones.

Its colour varies from white to cream but what makes it truly magical is the bluish glow it possesses that seems to float inside the stone. This glow is known gemologically as adularescence and is actually caused by small inclusions of orthoclase and albite. These layered inclusions produce the interference of light as it enters the stone, refracting, scattering and thus producing a unique play of colour. Some specimens of this amazing stone also have a cat's eye effect.


The main deposits are in Sri Lanka and Madagascar.

Since ancient times it has been one of the most widely used gemstones as an amulet, associated with the cycles of the moon. Above all, it has been associated with the protection of women and their fertility. It is linked to the balance of the hormonal system, bringing stability and benefits to the different stages of a woman's body.

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