The transformation stone


Its name comes from the Labrador coast of Canada, where the stone was discovered. The Inuit natives claim that the northern lights were trapped inside the labradorite rocks, thanks to a mighty Eskimo warrior who released the colours that dazzle the polar sky with his spear.

The colours range from off-white, greyish to blackish with a spectacular recreation of metallic, blue, yellow and greenish colours that dance before your eyes as you turn the stone over in your hand. This colour diffraction is called labradorescence. In transparent labradorites a very intense pleochroism occurs; incredible to admire.

It is striking that labradorite exhibits colours that are not present in the gemstone. It is composed of thin layers of different minerals and as light travels through these layers, it breaks down the white light into all the colours of the rainbow which are then bounced off, deflected, absorbed and displayed before our eyes.


The main deposits are in Canada, Russia, the USA and Finland.

Known as the transformation gemstone, labradorite can be of great help in dealing with life's changes. It conveys the strength and courage needed to better cope with all those changes that life sometimes forces you to take, to make way for better times.

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